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 Dear customers,
  Please note, owing to various restrictions taking place nowadays the E-shop 
  will be closed until the late half of August and we will not be able to take any 
  orders during this time. So, check actual status of the web-stie closer to 
  the end of the summer, please.
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  DMold Modelworks
 NEW releases____________________________________                                          
 Here are some news for the 'sport car' builders. This new release is designed 
 as a direct replacement part for the rear top cover of the 1/24 ESCI (Revell)
 BMW Procar M1 kit. Owing to the age of this kit the quality of molding of this 
 rear bonnet is extremally poor. A general configuation of this part is also 
 completely incorrect. In particular, ventilation slots are located in wrong
 places and the bonnet doesn't have a characteristic 'spoiler' along the rear 
 end. All these issues are fixed in this new replacement part. 
                                                  (picture is clickable)
 One more release by us is the correction set for the new 1/48 HUP-1/2 
 kit. This offering by the small AMP company has been pretty welcomed 
 on the market, however the model suffers from various, big and small  
 fuselage shape issues. One of the most visible issues is the top of the 
 tail that needs to be replaced, and this correction set allows to fix this 
 higly visible issue easily and fast. 
  Dear fellow modelers,
 DMold trade mark is known to many of you since 2008. During this time we produced 
 and sold many hundreds of our original products and we always appreciate you interest 
 and support to our efforts. Because of certain restrictions in our business we were not 
 always able to cover actual demand on some of our items but now we hope this problem 
 is resolved and we are proud to present our new service. Dmold  Modelworks E-shop 
 is a place where you can find virtually all of our inventory items some of which were 
 not always available from dealers. 
 Shopping at is safe and secure. Look through our  internet-shop 
 and you will certainly find and will be able to order that special product which you are 
 looking for. But don't be upset if you don't see some special set in stock right now. We 
 regularly cast most of the sets and add them in stock to meet your the most desirable 
  With the kind regards,
  Dmitri Malkov
  Kit designer and owner of DMold Modelworks