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      Dear customers,
 We regret to report that due to reasons which are beyond our control we have found it reasonable
 to suspend our activities and close our E-shop. Thus, you can put your order until 01 December 
 ONLY and after this date the web-site will be permanently closed. During the forthcoming months, 
 the website will probably remain accessible for visiting but as a reference resource for future 
 updates only and no orders will be taken via the website. 
 We hope to be back to our regular activity as soon as appropriate conditions become more
 favorable in order to re-start regular sales but it's unlikely it may happen sooner than the spring 
 of 2022. We thank everybody for your support and interest on our products during all the past 
 years but it's time to say 'bye for now'!
   With the kind regards, 
   DMold Modelworks

 NEW release__________________________________________________
 This new correction set is intended for the Signifer 1/48 Grumman Goose kit. 
Different from the other similar kit on the market by the Czech Model company
 which is oversized in all dimensions and appears to be at about 1/45 scale, 
 this Signifer kit is actually in 1/48th scale and looks to be more elegant 
 overall. However, both kits have their own vast shape problems, and a major 
 problem of the Signifer kit is a completely wrong, rectangular top cover of 
 the fuselage and following from this problem, unrealistically thick vertical tail.
 This new correction set solves this problem in the easiest way. The set is designed 
 as a 'drop-fit' part and all is needed to do prior to its use is just carefully to cut 
 the top cover of the kit fuselage and replace it with the new one. Also, as a bonus, 
 parts are included in order to show as much internal detail as possible and two side 
 door parts of the proper shape/size are casted separately in this set.
                                              (picture is clickable)
  Dear fellow modelers,
 DMold trade mark is known to many of you since 2008. During this time we produced 
 and sold many hundreds of our original products and we always appreciate you interest 
 and support to our efforts. Because of certain restrictions in our business we were not 
 always able to cover actual demand on some of our items but now we hope this problem 
 is resolved and we are proud to present our new service. Dmold  Modelworks E-shop 
 is a place where you can find virtually all of our inventory items some of which were 
 not always available from dealers. 
 Shopping at is safe and secure. Look through our  internet-shop 
 and you will certainly find and will be able to order that special product which you are 
 looking for. But don't be upset if you don't see some special set in stock right now. We 
 regularly cast most of the sets and add them in stock to meet your the most desirable 
  With the kind regards,
  Dmitri Malkov
  Kit designer and owner of DMold Modelworks