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 After some additional tweaks we've brought the 1/48 Skyray corrected forward 
 fuselage set back into our production line. These sets will be restocking as soon 
 as they are completed.
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NEW releases____________________________________
 Another set we introduced in our inventory is the corrected forward fuselage for 
 1/48 RF-101C kit by Kitty Hawk. 
 This RF forward fuselage of the real plane was virtually a continuation of the general 
 fuselage lines, but the nose parts of the kit have appeared in a completely different 
 way, and it looks like a part from a different plane. New nose was created in accordance 
 with actual dimensions of the real aircraft, it appears to be more narrow at the front 
 end and achives a smoother joint between its contours and general lines of the fuselage.
 Also we've added a small correction set for Roden 1/48 T-28 Trojan into our inventory.
 This kit is only kit of the T-28 in a true 1/48 scale, but it suffers from a number of 
 inaccuracies one of which is poorly molded ventral radiator cover. In order to make 
 this area looking better, and to get a really deep radiator mouth we re-engeenered 
 the front end as it is constructed with the real plane. 
 And don't forget about a new top panel for 1/32 F/A-18C we released recently. 
  Dear fellow modelers,
DMold trade mark is known to many of you since 2008. During this time we produced 
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and support to our efforts. Because of certain restrictions in our business we were not 
always able to cover actual demand on some of our items but now we hope this problem 
is resolved and we are proud to present our new service. Dmold Modelworks E-shop 
is a place where you can find virtually all of our inventory items some of which were 
not always available from dealers. 
Shopping at is safe and secure. Look through our internet-shop 
and you will certainly find and will be able to order that special product which you are 
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  With the kind regards,
  Dmitri Malkov
  Kit designer and owner of DMold Modelworks